Saudia XYZ

Is a digital platform for displaying open data and making geospatial maps as well as downloading data in multiple formats.

Note: The data displayed on this platform is not official data issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, It is not intended for political purposes at all, especially regarding international borders with neighbouring countries. This data is raw, reliable, and up to date from it is official sources such as OSM and other international sources, So it is useful for academic and research purposes.

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Click to search for geospatial data published by other users, organizations and public sources. Download data in standard formats.

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Data is available for browsing, aggregating and styling to generate maps which can be saved, downloaded, shared publicly or restricted to specify users only.

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As for the layers and maps Saudia XYZ allows to publish tabular and text data, manage theirs metadata and associated documents.

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Saudia XYZ allows registered users to easily upload geospatial data and various documents in several formats.

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